How to remember Latin plant names

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Garden enthusiasts have been given hints on how to remember the Latin names for plant species that can often elude even the most committed of horticulture fans.

Guardian blogger Caroline Knight, who is in the second term of a part-time garden design degree, explained that she uses mental images to help her recall the names to describe certain cultivars.

These include a picture of a fictional character named Miss Cancan "enjoying sin in the long grass" for Miscanthus sinensis and "weaving fronds into a form in which the cooking of something delicious can take place" for Phormium cookianum.

Aside from this advice, Ms Knight also had some more practical tips for gardeners in terms of their attire.

She said that her recent experiences have shown her that horticulture should not be mixed with low-slung jeans and cropped jackets - especially during the cold and wet weather that the UK has suffered of late.

Meanwhile, the Huddersfield Examiner recently suggested that growers can protect their cabbages from pests by using a fleece covering.   - 29 March 2010
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How to remember Latin plant names

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