How to grow basil

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Brits who like the idea of growing their own herbs may be interested in the advice of a US newspaper.

According to the Times Standard, now is a great time to start growing your own basil.

The warmer weather makes June, July and August an ideal time to get "fat bunches" of the herb and gardeners can speed up the process and boost their success rate by using cold frames or warm greenhouses.

It can be grown outside, but gardeners should choose the sunniest spot they can find and ensure it is sheltered from any cold wind.

The south wall of a house could be ideal for this as it is likely to get a lot of sunlight and should get some protection.

According to the newspaper, soil health is also important and gardeners can improve it by adding compost, worm castings and high nitrogen organic fertiliser.

Meanwhile, the Royal Horticultural Society has warned that a foreign species of beetle could be posing a threat to UK plant life.

Posted by Gary Carter   - 18 June 2010
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How to grow basil

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