How gardens can save the planet

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Garden owners revamping their green space this year could help protect their environment by planting trees, it has been suggested.

The Woodland Trust has teamed up with wood treatment firm Ronseal to launch Urban Gardens Week 2010, which runs from March 22nd to 28th.

It explained that even a small effort in the garden could help towards cutting the UK's carbon footprint and encouraged anyone in an urban area to plant a native tree.

Establishing a green garden can not only create an attractive environment and lock in carbon dioxide; it can provide homeowners with other benefits too.

Woodland Trust carbon manager Dr Nick Atkinson explained that planting trees such as hazel can provide gardeners with useful materials.

"Within a few years you would be able to coppice that and you would be able to take sticks instead of garden canes and bean poles and make rustic garden furniture," he said.

The expert added that this also saves carbon emissions that would have been created by importing such materials into the UK.   - 11 March 2010
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How gardens can save the planet

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