Homeowners advised to clean out the garden shed

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Homeowners have been advised to clean and de-clutter their garden shed so that when spring comes around everything will be in order.

This is a tip from Jennie Macfie, who writing for the Herald Scotland, noted that if gardeners look after their spades they will last longer.

She explained the importance of cleaning off soil from gardening tools with a wire wool and rubbing household oil into metal parts, while wooden handles should be rubbed with linseed oil to preserve them.

As for saving items that have cluttered up the garden shed, Ms Macfie had a number of suggestions.

"Gardeners are frugal, so we save old pots, cells, and seed trays," she wrote. "Wash and sterilise them all … When they're dry, sort them into stacks of the same size.

"Take pairs of old tights and cut off the legs, push a stack of flower pots into each leg with the widest part facing towards the toe. Tie a bit of string around the tip of the toe, hang it from a nail and hey presto - a flower pot dispenser."

Posted by Martin Corby
    - 07 December 2010
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Homeowners advised to clean out the garden shed

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