Good time for women to set up businesses in garden offices

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There has never been a better time for a mother of young children to be able to set up a business that enables them to work from a garden office, it has been suggested.

According to the Sun, Sam Pearce, from, feels that the fact that childcare costs are beginning to rise and the generally uncertain jobs market make it a good time to create a new business at home.

She explained that party plan businesses could be a wise choice for those looking for something low risk, but the key is to carry out some relevant research first and choose an area that plays to their strengths.

The publication reported that Ms Pearce said: "You can choose to do something you love or feel passionately about and work to your strengths.

"But what you do very much depends if you are looking to earn a bit of extra spending money each month or a decent wage. Research your market before you jump in - you need to be sure there is a demand for what you want to do."

David Grievson, managing director of property development business Puddlestone, recently indicated that a garden shed could make a property easier to sell.

Posted by Martin Corby   - 09 July 2010
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Good time for women to set up businesses in garden offices

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