Getting the best from your grass

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British garden owners often like to have a well manicured lawn as the centrepiece of their green space.

A US website has given tips on how to achieve this by going against many common practices.

According to the Daily News Online, cool season grasses should be allowed to grow to around three inches before being trimmed.

Even then, just a third of the blade should be cut off to keep the shoots healthy and looking attractive.

Keeping the grass slightly longer than the traditional military "crew cut" should help guard against weeds and use up less water.

Changing the direction of the cut each time is also a good way of ensuring the wheels of the lawnmower do not leave ruts in the earth.

The website also suggested that it is a good idea to leave the trimmings where they fall, as this helps return up to a third of the nitrogen to the soil.

In other news, the Sunday Mail recently gave gardeners a number of tips on how to have a successful summer growing season.

Posted by David Webb   - 21 June 2010
More Garden Offices Articles
Getting the best from your grass

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