Gardeners urged to prune where foxes have trampled

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Gardeners have been urged to prune their plants where foxes have trampled and destroyed flower beds and budding shrubs over the summer.

Writing for the Guardian, Dan Pearson advised people to cut back broken plants to regenerate them and give them a second life before the summer ends.

"Foxes aside, a good crop of foliage keeps things looking fresh and lively when the garden is over the first flush and not yet relaxed into autumn," he wrote.

Mr Pearson noted that pruning hard is only advisable when plants have been in their beds for a couple of years and are "strong enough to bounce back because they have their roots established".

Although it might be set to rain this week, many gardeners will have high hopes for an Indian summer, lengthening their enjoyment of their garden into September.

Homeowners can get the most out of their garden all year round, however, with the use of a summer house or garden office that offers a private space in from the rain.

Posted by Gary Carter
    - 23 August 2010
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Gardeners urged to prune where foxes have trampled

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