Garden sheds are becoming cosy retreats

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Garden sheds are growing in use in the UK and becoming cosier and more comfortable as a result, it has been observed.

B&Q buyer Gurinder Jellehwallia noted that the recession has led to a rise in home working and in the number of people looking for a personal sanctuary within their property.

"More and more of us want to reclaim some personal space in our homes so we're retreating to our sheds to work and study," the homeware worker told the Daily Telegraph.

It was also observed that a new book by Alex Johnson entitled Shedworking – the Alternative Workplace Revolution has just been published to celebrate the many benefits of the garden shed.

The newspaper described the book as the complete guide to "relocating a business to the end of the garden" and noted that it answers a range of questions such as how to offset it against tax and "the best place to fix the dartboard".

Meanwhile, Simon Hamilton, director of interiors consultancy Simon Hamilton and Associates, said recently that people currently want to feel secure in their surroundings when it comes to their home designs.

Posted by David Webb
    - 05 August 2010
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Garden sheds are becoming cosy retreats

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