Garden office owners can brighten up their summer with bulbs

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Those with garden offices can brighten the view outside their window this summer by planting bulbs, according to one expert.

Monty Don, writing for the Daily Mail, said that while bulbs are usually associated with spring, they can prove a welcome addition to a summer display.

He recommended that garden office owners who want "sensuous" summer bulbs consider planting lilies, noting that many of these flowers are easy to grow outside, such as the Madonna lily.

Those who want to plant bulbs that flower in the summer were advised to do so during the spring, because this is when the soil "begins to warm up in tune with the rhythm of their growth".

Other varieties well-suited to summer growth that might be enjoyed by garden office owners at this time of year include Cardiocrinum and montbretia, Mr Don added.

Earlier this year, an article for the Shropshire Star advised gardeners hoping to get a "head start" on spring to get heated propagator gadgets to help slow-growing perennials to flower in time for summer.

Posted by Gary Carter    - 07 March 2011
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Garden office owners can brighten up their summer with bulbs

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