Garden office could help with polytunnel growing

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More people may be encouraged to invest in a garden office if the grow-your-own trend continues to gather steam.

Daily Telegraph gardening writer Joyce Russell has suggested that even a small garden can produce "a surprising amount of food" and has urged people to consider setting up makeshift greenhouses under plastic-sheeted tunnels known as "polytunnels".

"A polytunnel is a cheap, quick way of covering a growing space. Once you get one, you will never look back: tomatoes are easy to grow, peppers are a pleasure and salad through the winter isn't difficult at all," she said.

Ms Russell noted that polytunnels provide shelter for both crops and gardeners and a degree of warmth when it is cold outside.

She observed that polytunnels come in a variety of shapes and sizes, which some set up on a base-rail system, some looking more like a traditional greenhouse with a pitched roof and others set up on a curved hoop.

Posted by David Webb   - 02 February 2011
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Garden office could help with polytunnel growing

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