Garden office buyers urged to persist with DIY

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Homeowners who experience a DIY disaster have been urged to persist with their property improvements.

Anna-Marie Desouza, editor of Build It magazine, observed that many people are put off home improvements when DIY projects go wrong, which is a "real shame".

"The best advice I can give to people is don't be put off; just be prepared," she said.

"Get some advice and read up about the task before commencing. We've all had disasters in the past, but you learn from your mistakes and the next attempt becomes easier and more successful."

The comments may encourage homeowners aiming to improve their properties with a garden office or summer house. Ms Desouza noted that completing a DIY job can provide "so much joy" to the homeowner as well as the chance to "admire your handiwork on a daily basis".

She was speaking after a survey by Which? found that home improvement stores B&Q and Homebase were considered to have the worst online shops.

Posted by Martin Corby
    - 28 October 2010
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Garden office buyers urged to persist with DIY

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