Garden huts are an ideal place for tools

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Horticulturalists often accrue a variety of tools to help them tend their outdoor space and a garden hut is an ideal place to store these, it has been claimed.

The Chilliwack Times noted that a structure of this sort does not need to be an eyesore in a lush and green garden, explaining that people can find pre-made garden huts to fit in with the architecture and colour of their home.

Indeed, those who want the space to double as a garden office might be encouraged to invest after the newspaper's assertion that a shed can become "an intimate retreat nestled in the yard".

For those who simply want a practical place to store equipment, an outdoor building might also be the best way forward.

"A garden shed presents an ideal way to store all of the tools and appliances needed for the weekend hobby. Plus, it enables homeowners to clear out clutter from the garage or basement," the publication added.

Earlier this month, those with outdoor structures in which they store tools were advised by insurance provider Aviva to ensure they secure the building as summer approaches.

Posted by Gary Carter    - 22 March 2011
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Garden huts are an ideal place for tools

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