Freezing weather delays snowdrop bloom at Rococo Gardens

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A well-known garden in Gloucestershire has revealed that its snowdrops have finally begun to emerge.

Rococo Garden in Painswick is renowned for the white flowers, with thousands blooming within its confines at the beginning of every year.

However, director Paul Moir revealed that the recent cold snap has significantly delayed their appearance, with only half currently rising above ground level.

He noted that the delay could represent a record in modern times, as they traditionally emerge in the first week of January.

"It is the cold weather. December was so cold, as was much of January, that they have been snuggling in the soil," he said.

"The early ones have come out, but the progress is very, very slow because it has remained cold. I would normally expect the bulk to be out by now."

Rococo Garden was originally laid out in the 18th century and is described by its owners as a step back to a "flamboyant and sensual" period of garden design in England.   - 04 February 2010
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Freezing weather delays snowdrop bloom at Rococo Gardens

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