February fruit growing advice

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Brits intent on growing fruit in their gardens this year should not fret if their first attempt is unsuccessful, it has been claimed.

Unlike vegetables, fruit trees mature and improve their yield over time and require no crop rotation, the Royal Horticultural Society explained.

However, growers can boost their chances of success by clearing the surrounding area of weeds and adding a top dressing of sulphate of potash once the tree or bush has been planted.

Caring properly for such plants will also help them establish themselves and now is a good time to give them a final prune and spray to prevent leaf curl.

Those growing strawberries can get their teeth into an early crop by covering soil-grown varieties with cloches and placing pot-grown specimens under glass, such as in a greenhouse or sunny windowsill.

Meanwhile, the Daily Mail has revealed that raised beds are not a necessity for vegetable growers, unless they have poor soil quality.   - 17 February 2010
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February fruit growing advice

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