Azalea advice for garden lovers

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Garden lovers who grow azaleas may be interested in the advice of the Commercial Appeal, a US-based news provider.

The online resource revealed that plants which have been damaged by weather can still be rescued if they are showing signs of growth.

Growers should prune their azaleas as soon as they have finished blooming, but should not do so after June.

The species also prefers to be grown in a cool, shady area and gardeners should bear in mind that the shallow rooted plants can be susceptible to damage from excess moisture, so should take care when watering.

Furthermore, optimal soil conditions range from an acidic pH of between five and 5.5.

The advice was given after a reader got in contact to see if there was any way of saving his weather damaged azaleas.

Meanwhile, the Royal Horticultural Society has warned that gardeners may still fall victim to late frosts this month.

Posted by Gary Carter   - 14 May 2010
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Azalea advice for garden lovers

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