Heat Pumps are very Efficient

A "no brainer" ?!

Why Choose a Heat Pump

A heat pump is a very cost effective way of heating your swimming pool. They are very efficient in the right conditions, each kw of energy put into the unit will transfer over 5 kw of heat into you pool water.

Heat is taken from the air that the fan pulls through the unit. It is free heat available from the atmosphere.

As all swimming pool plant rooms already have a power supply there is no additional cost to run new services such as a Gas or Oil supply in order to add a heating system. You will also not need the large cable and supply required by a flow through electric heater.

How a heat pump works

How does a heat pump work ?

  1. Heat energy is absorbed from the ambient air. The hotter the air the more energy is absorbed.
  2. The warm refrigerant vapour is compressed and becomes much hotter.
  3. The hot refrigerant vapour gives up energy (heat) to your pool water as it passes through the heat exchanger or condenser

The now warm refrigerant liquid passes through a pressure control device which makes the warm refrigerant liquid form a cold refrigerant vapour which cools down the evaporator which absorbs more heat energy from the air passing through it and so the cycle continues.

Note : During cold temperatures or humid air conditions these units are so efficient and the evaporators so cold that water vapour in the air condenses out and will trickle out of the base of the unit as water. This is not a leak, it is a good sign that the unit is working very efficiently.

The Heat Exchanger

The Heatseeker heat exchangewr is made from titanium to make it resistant to chemical attack. It will cope with any conditions found in a swimming pool including salt water pools.

The real advantage - Low running costs

A heat pump requires energy to operate a compressor (Scroll type for maximum efficiency and reliability) and a fan motor. By taking energy from the ambient air a heat pump can deliver up to five times the energy or heat into your pool water that it consumes running its compressor and fan motor.

So, for every kw of energy consumed it can deliver 5 kw of heat into your pool water. The heat pump works at its most efficient when the air temperature is warmer preferably above 20°C.

Efficient heat transfer

The unique design of the heat exchanger creates an unmatched and powerful heat transfer due to greater surface area contact it has with the water. This generates a higher temperature differential between the water entering and the water leaving the heat exchanger.

The integral deflector creates a swirling effect in the water flow and this also combines to increase the heat transfer. The internal titanium tube of the heat exchanger is formed in one piece with no internal welds which can leave leak areas for attack by corrosive pool water.

Simple to install

Heatseeker heat pumps are designed to be installed outside on a concrete base. Ideally, place the unit behind the plant room in relation to your pool as this will assist in blanking any fan noise.

Ideally the heat pump should be installed on a valved bypass system in order to facilitate both servicing and isolation from the water flow such as during the winter season.

When positioning a heat pump it is essential that air that has already passed through the machine is not able to bounce off walls etc and re-enter the machine, as it has already taken energy from it, and it will therefore be less efficient.

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