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Trampolines are a great way of having fun and keeping fit within the comfortable confines of a home garden. Garden Adventure's range of trampolines offers something for everyone, from round trampolines for safe and leisurely outdoor play to rectangular trampolines for keen trampolinists or gymnasts. We also have a children's trampoline tailored specifically to the young as well as safety enclosures to ensure safe and secure bouncing.


Trampolines offer an exciting outdoor leisure option for children and adults alike. Whether serving as a favoured regular pastime or a focal point during garden parties, trampolines can bring households many years of pleasure and relaxation.


Trampolining is also a healthy activity that improves fitness, muscle growth, coordination, breathing, posture, balance, lung capacity, self confidence and vision. Trampolines are widely used among all manner of sports people to improve their agility and fitness. In addition, SNAP (Special Needs & Parents) advocates using trampolines to help children with special needs in their physiological, therapeutic, communicative, physical and perceptual development.

Tested and weather-resistant

Our range of trampolines from leading manufacturer Trampolines GB exceed the necessary ASTM and GS TUV standards and have been load tested with no less than 445 kilograms (1,000 pounds) of steel weights. The trampolines are also built to exacting specifications using the finest materials to ensure their suitability with the European climate. This means our trampolines are designed for outdoor use and can be left out in all weathers. People who live in an exposed, windy area could also consider making use of one of Trampolines GB's anchor kits.

Round trampolines

Garden Adventure's range of round trampolines are designed and built for family fun and fitness, with a controlled, soft, slow bounce whereby all the springs work at the same rate. It is the nature of all round trampolines to guide the user back to the centre of the bed. While we recommend one user at a time, the large bed provides a safe area for 2 or 3 people to jump together. Adding a safety enclosure can help to ensure safety and fun are maximised.

Rectangular trampolines

Our rectangular trampolines offer a more lively bounce with the springs working at different rates. These trampolines are ideal for the budding trampolinist or gymnast and, like the smaller of the round trampolines, are also perfect for the smaller garden. We strongly recommend one user at a time on a rectangular model unless you add the option of a safety enclosure.

Safety enclosures

We offer both safety enclosures for round trampolines and safety enclosures for rectangular trampolines, allowing you to enjoy these fun outdoor play items in safety and comfort. The enclosures consist of soft-mesh netting, elasticated support straps and padded, galvanised steel uprights.


Trampoline buyers should consult our purchasing tips to help them select the best trampoline for their garden and use. We also provide a number of safety tips for positioning and using your trampoline. Such information will also be provided with the trampoline.


Garden Adventure can organise a delivery service for the trampolines we sell. We also offer an installation service in certain parts of the UK.

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